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Myktography: Translating Music into Photographs

Art + Design, Lifestyle · October 10, 2014

Armed with a camera and a keen eye for photography, Myktography has captured moments from small bar gigs to large concert venues. His images, which mostly feature local bands, have been making rounds in the internet letting his audience appreciate the art of live concert photography….


Tarsius and TeamManila Present Baluga 2000

Art + Design, Music · September 29, 2014

The rain was pouring but the usual busy alleys of Cubao seemed calm that afternoon. It was just a perfect time to hang-out and have a cup of hot chocolate as people outside settled slowly in the damp and moody weather. But instead of warm drinks,…

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Art and Manila: An Interview with Tyang and Quatro

Art + Design, Events · August 22, 2014

Bizarre but familiar, messy but colourful – these are just some of the first impressions upon seeing Tyang and Quatro’s art. Both distinctive in their own way, Tyang and Quatro’s illustrations are like puzzles of imaginations created to make a statement and at the same time…

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Show it with a Screen

Art + Design · August 8, 2014

From design to output, we’ve got the finest prints in an instant with Screen Machine. A hand-operated mobile silk screening machine, this interactive and innovative printing technique lets you own a one-of-a-kind shirt in just a few steps. It’s fresh from the silkscreen oven, just like…


Dead Balagtas: Humoring the Patriotic Dead

Art + Design · June 26, 2014

We just can’t deny how people find history boring sometimes. May it be about revolution, achievement, or death, history to some is just another tale of the past which is more than often insignificant to the future. But history, even in its smallest sense, is a…


Mansy and Her Craft: A Work in Progress

Art + Design · June 7, 2014

She lives and breathes art, she turns scrap into works of beauty, she’s a creative woman from Manila and that is why we adore her. You have probably heard of Mansy Abesamis and the craft that she creates.  Coming from the laid-back area of Katipunan in…

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A Road to Share, A Road for Bicycles

Art + Design · June 6, 2014

If there is one social issue that is getting bigger every day, then we can easily say that it is the public transport system. Congested roads, snake-like train lines, overloaded buses … our means of transit gets worst every day and the path to making it…


The Process of Progress

Art + Design, Limited Edition · May 12, 2014

For our Spring Summer Collection this 2014, TeamManila focuses on the hardworking citizens of our country – those who breaks a sweat, drips some blood, and runs the extra mile just to get the job done. It’s all for the better and it’s for the progress…

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What Tickles Your Pancy? An Interview with Pancy Letter

Art + Design · April 30, 2014

If there was one art form that was made to last, then it’s safe to say that it is typography. From the streets to the most formal accessories, the technique of arranging type into fine aesthetic is just everywhere. It catches our eyes, it tickles our…


Accessorize it with TeamManila

Art + Design, Lifestyle, Limited Edition · March 26, 2014

They say that the right accessory completes every look and that is why this merry month of March, TeamManila Lifestyle is here to make your outfit more stylish with our newest line of accessories! From totebags, wallets, pouches, lanyards, mugs, and our freshest line of bags,…