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Ready to take a dip? Here are the best swimming destinations in the country.

Features, Hitlist · April 28, 2016

(image credit: Fransisco Guerrero/@studioguerrero) From the 7,107 Philippine islands, we are truly blessed to have a number of pristine beaches here. Every once in a while we need to experience #VitaminSea—but which one should we visit first? 1. Benj Ramos is an explorer and a visual…


First time traveler? Here are the things you need to know.

Collection, Features, Hitlist · April 18, 2016

If you’ve always been afraid of heading on to new adventures, you will never go places. Worry no more because we’ll make it easy for you. Straight from the travel bloggers, here are the things that you need to know before climbing the highest peaks or…

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Hitlist · November 30, 2015

Honoring Andres Bonifacio, November 30 is another time to shout out ‘holla!’ on a holiday. So, Teammanila brings you a shortlist of some points of reality about our hero. 1. The Supremo has been stereotyped Gat Andres has been pictured to have worn a camisa de Chino…


12 Filipino Words You Didn’t Know Exist

Hitlist · August 28, 2015

Did you know that Linggo ng Wika was originally celebrated every March 27 to April 2 under the declaration of President Sergio Osmena in 1946? 51 years and three presidents later, President Fidel V. Ramos strengthened the decree to Buwan ng Wika which we now celebrate…

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TeamManila Hitlist: What Watawat? A Guide to the Philippine Flag

Hitlist · June 15, 2015

Do you know that aside from Philippine Independence, we also celebrate the Philippine Flag every June 12? On the declaration of our Independencia in 1898, the Philippine Flag was flown for the first time in Kawit, Cavite by Emilio Aguinaldo thus commemorating the memorial piece of…

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TeamManila Hitlist: Paboritong Palamig

Hitlist · June 9, 2015

The season’s starting to get cooler but occasional heat waves still set in. We just can’t deny the country’s tropical weather where sun and rain plays together. But that’s all right as long as we have an umbrella and a delicious palamig in hand – something…

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TeamManila Hitlist: Why You Shouldn’t Miss Our 10th Year

Events, Hitlist · May 5, 2015

This week marks a bang as we celebrate 10 years of TeamManila at the Trinoma Activity Center. The TeamManila 10 Years: A Decade of Celebrating Philippine Culture kicked off last Monday, May 4 and will be ongoing until May 8. If you haven’t checked it out…

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TeamManila Hitlist: Hidden Katipunan Facts

Hitlist · April 27, 2015

We all know that Andres Bonifacio led the Katipunan and that the society’s short form is KKK. We also know that it led to the outbreak of the Filipino revolution and that its members are called Katipuneros. But what do we don’t know about this secret…

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TeamManila Hitlist: Let’s Talk About Escolta

Hitlist · April 24, 2015

Downtown in Manila is a historic street that’s home to the finest and oldest buildings in our country. Derived from the Spanish word “escoltar” meaning “to escort,”, Escolta was established in 1954 as a centre for Chinese, European, and Latin American trades. The barters may be…

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TeamManila Hitlist: See Baguio this Summer

Hitlist · April 1, 2015

The sun is getting higher and the temperature warmer. We can already feel summer and we can’t help but plan our getaways this early. Some may opt for the beach while others go hop out of the country. While for some, an adventure in the mountains…