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Monday Mixtapes: Spooky Sounds

Monday Mixtapes · October 26, 2015

Halloween has always been a special time of the year for those who believe and enjoy superstitions, ghouls, and traditions for the departed. Some people take it as a chance to visit mausoleums and hunt for entities unknown while others, especially those who are faint at…


Monday Mixtapes: Moody Melodies

Monday Mixtapes, Music · October 12, 2015

Aside from traffic and presidentiables, local weather is also something we just can’t understand sometimes. The heat of the sun and the sudden pour of rain have turned Filipinos “weatherproof” in every aspect possible; an umbrella, a jacket, dependable footwear, and utmost patience has become daily…


Monday Mixtapes: Tula sa Kanta

Monday Mixtapes, Music · August 17, 2015

It’s always nice to go back to our roots and speak the language of our native land. Deep and poetic, regional but still easily understood, the Filipino language traces not only culture but also art in its most expressive way. And as we celebrate Buwan ng…


Monday Mixtapes: Tag-Ulan Na Naman

Monday Mixtapes, Music · July 13, 2015

Prep your boots, your jackets, and your storm-proof umbrellas because the rainy season is definitely here. Goodbye summer and hello to damp streets all over the metro as habagats enter our country. But don’t let this bring you down because good company can always erase that…

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Monday Mixtapes: School’s In

Monday Mixtapes, Music · June 22, 2015

Late-night gimmicks are over because school’s in again. Goodbye summer and hello to piles of paperwork brought to you by this new semester. Sure, school can be tough but it’s awesome to learn and meet new people, too. But if you’ve still got that holiday hang-over…

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Monday Mixtapes: It’s All About Summer

Monday Mixtapes, Music · April 20, 2015

The sand, the sea, a glass of halo-halo, and a hammock hung on the tree – dreaming about the summer already? Well it’s time you wake up because the season is here and we can’t wait but bask under the summer sun. What’s not to love…


Monday Mixtapes: New Set of Sounds

Monday Mixtapes, Music · March 16, 2015

Some songs stick, while some just come and go. Its lyrics, melody, or even its beat can give a huge effect to its listener thus making it count and remembered – it could be relatable and beautiful or it can be just another wonder, lost in…


Monday Mixtapes: Valentine’s Harana

Monday Mixtapes · February 2, 2015

Forgotten or maybe even too baduy to think about, haranas will always win every girl’s heart. Sure, they’re meant for the hopeless romantics, for those who would like to be swept off their feet.  But no matter how tacky haranas might be, they’ll always be sweet…

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Monday Mixtapes: Fresh Tracks to Listen To

Monday Mixtapes, Music · January 26, 2015

The holidays are over and the parties have died down – true, the new year has settled in and we’re not just ready to give in. Guess it’s a brand new start like what they say and we’ve got to keep it that way. For starters,…


Monday Mixtapes: The Eheads of Our Youth

Eheads, Hitlist, Monday Mixtapes, Music · September 22, 2014

One of the reasons why people love the Eraserheads is because of their lyrics that speak of growing up. From falling in love to getting your heart broken, from solving a young man’s problem to getting drunk, from surviving college to taking that unforgettable roadtrip, the…