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10 Local Travel Instagram Accounts You Should Follow Today

Features, TM Top 10 · August 5, 2015

Skip the “obligatory selfie” because we’re in for an online adventure. Whether you’re at home or work, make your Instagram feed more interesting with these 10 local travel accounts we think you should follow. From the mountains to the beach, give yourself a visual treat while…

Rizal Linguist via - Copy

Maligayang Kaarawan, Rizal.

TM Top 10 · June 19, 2015

Many have been said about Philippine National Hero, Jose Rizal. Born to Francisco Rizal Mercado and Teodora Alonso in June 19, 1861, Jose Protasio Mercado Rizal y Alonzo Realonda (whew), is widely known as the Filipino who fought against the Spanish rule. The author of novels…


TM Top 10: Bea Benedicto’s Top 10 Everyday Essentials

Style, TM Top 10 · April 15, 2015

She’s bubbly and an instant ray of sunshine. Young, stylish, and definitely on the rise, this Manilena has caught our hearts as the Ate Manila in our Macho Manila launch last December. A Digital Marketing Specialist, commercial model, host, and lifestyle blogger (whew!), you’ve probably seen…


TM Top 10: Ramon Bautista’s Top 10 Syota Lines

TM Top 10 · February 13, 2015

It’s the month of love and our resident pogi is here to make heart beats the millionth time around. Known for his smooth moves when it comes to women and his charming appeal may it be on or off the screen, internet action star, actor, host,…


TM Top 10: Lea Duhaylungsod’s Top 10 Local Spots to See

TM Top 10 · July 17, 2014

The beaches, the mountains, and the lively streets of the Philippines are year-long attractions both locals and tourists enjoy.  Despite the moody weather and the heavy traffic, it’s always nice to see the sights our humble country has to offer. Yet with so many Philippine destinations…


TM Top 10: Surfista Travels’ Top 10 Pinoy Things to Do in the Beach

Lifestyle, TM Top 10 · May 26, 2014

  With 7,107 islands, the number of beaches in the Philippines just can’t be figured exactly. Every now and then, a majestic beach coast is discovered by a random fella or a sea lover appreciating the beauty of its surroundings. Local beaches are everywhere and it’s…


TM Top 10: Lourd De Veyra’s Top 10 Local Reads

TM Top 10 · February 27, 2014

You see him on TV, hosting and interviewing prominent names in our country. Sometimes you catch him on advertisements remaining to be the clever person he is. And if you’re one who’s familiar of the local music scene, then you’ve probably seen him front jazz rock band…



TM Top 10 · December 18, 2013

If there’s one thing Filipinos can be really passionate about, then there is no doubt that food is on top of the list. Food is everywhere: in our households, the streets, and even inside public transportation. Plus let’s not forget how eager Filipinos are when it…


TM Top 10: RA Rivera’s Top 10 Food Experiments

TM Top 10 · November 1, 2013

If you have been following director and musician RA Rivera in his Twitter or Instagram accounts, then I’m quite sure that his food posts, done very timely at night, have made you crave (or worst, hungry) for a comforting chocolate bite or a sinful slab of…