2013 Heritage Preservation Society Collection

Express yourself through culture and art! Wear the brand new 2013 Spring/Summer Collection and rediscover the wisdom and wonder that is truly Filipino. Fashion had always been an expression of aesthetic identity in the society as seen in indigenous Filipino woven clothing to tribal gears and adornments. Inspired by these ethnic patterns, the 2013 Heritage collection is a collection for heritage rediscovery and appreciation.

Awareness of our rich heritage in these ever changing times is only one of the many ways we may sustain our culture and tradition.Do not be a stranger in your place, wear the 2013 Heritage Preservation Society collection and show the world what you are made of!

Take them at http://teammanilalifestyle.com/blog/1306 now!

Learn more of Filipino ethnic heritage at http://pinterest.com/TEAMMANILA/ethnic-culture/.

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