Digital Artist Vincent Trinidad Talks about His Practices in Art

It is no doubt how skillful Vincent Trinidad is when it comes to his art whether in terms of personal or business. Eight years in the industry and he has made tons of artwork in the fields of advertising and gaming which continuously hones his distinct style when it comes to design. An artist who likes mixing work with pleasure, Vincent definitely knows how to work his way on a fun and greater path ahead. Know more about Vincent as Team Manila sits with him in an interview about his influences, projects, and processes on the workplace

How is it going, Vincent?
Good! The game I am helping to create will be released soon. I am starting to create a piece for a possible group show and I am working on a personal comic that will look like a zen pencil type of approach but with a Filipino twist on it.

Can you tell us a bit of yourself and what you do?
I am a Freelance Artist/Illustrator based in Manila. 8 years in the business making artworks used for advertising and video games.

In your projects, do you usually start out with a good old traditional sketch or is it digital all the way? Talk about your process.
I work digitally all the way. I start slowly taking references, planning the layout, browse my facebook and wait for my zone in moment that usually comes from 9 pm to 2 am or 1pm to 4pm, While listening on documentaries by BBC or Ted talk on YouTube it helps me forget the amount of detail work to be done and just enjoy the shape, line, color and brush strokes of my work.

How long does does it take you to finish one artwork?
hmmm depende sa style, if it is a digital painting it takes me 3- 4 hours per person depending on the amount of detail but kung komik stye, it just takes me 4 hours whole image na

Who do you look up to?
There are so many artists that I admire. Locally is Toti Cerda water colorist and Ronald Ventura! , Norman Rockwell my ultimate hero when it comes to illustration and recently the artist from adventure time but I don’t remember the name. Tried googling it though hindi ko sya makita ^^.

What are some sites/forums that you can recommend for illustrators?
Site and forums where the big players are lurking are on cghub or conceptart and also deviant is very helpful when I was starting on learning to illustrate digitally.

Any dream project or dream client?
My real dream as an artist is to create my own art- vision and make a living out of it. Your best work comes from doing what you really-really love the most personally and if you can manage to sell that thing in exchange of money or service and also help others in some way, I think will give you a sense of fulfillment in your every work. As of now I enjoy caricatures I enjoy it so much that even If there is no monetary payment. I still work late nights just to draw/paint caricatures especially when there is commitment or deadline with my clients.

Maybe you can give us a Development process of your artwork
Based on the images below, I start with the basic shapes and layout if all shapes are readable or not. Then I polish my sketch to recognize the image when I paint and plan my colors. 3rd box I color block the image so I can easily pick the color and paint the details also I use mid tone for the background so you will not paint all of the canvass to save time. And last box is the long hours of painting it and for me is the most enjoyable part is this step, I can watch a movie on a split screen, listen to documentaries and audio books.


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