A Sultry Homecoming

Fresh from the overseas, TeamManila Lifestyle got the chance to celebrate with balikbayan Mayonna Rae Will as she made a comeback to her Philippine roots. As seen in these photos we’ve laid out for you, we shared stories of home and the good memories it bring.

MaeRae_1 MaeRae_2 MaeRae_4 MaeRae_9

Sultry and appealing, we appreciate every returning Filipino with this new collection of apparel. It’s a journey of designs, all going back to what’s true and original.

MaeRae_10 MaeRae_11 MaeRae_3 MaeRae_7 MaeRae_8 MaeRae_5 MaeRae_6

High cheers to the balikbayans who travel seas and come back to where they are truly from. Have it sexy and fresh only with TeamManila.

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