Monday Mixtapes: The Eheads of Our Youth

One of the reasons why people love the Eraserheads is because of their lyrics that speak of growing up. From falling in love to getting your heart broken, from solving a young man’s problem to getting drunk, from surviving college to taking that unforgettable roadtrip, the Eraserheads sang of every adolescent’s woes and aspirations. In guitar riffs, bass lines and drum beats, the Eheads made growing up much easier to endure thanks to their music that made the biggest sense in the world.

Even at present, we go back to the Eraserheads’ music and reminisce of the times when we still had our parent’s money in our pockets. It’s a nice bite of nostalgia because it’s life at its most crucial formative years.


That’s why in this version of Monday Mixtapes, we handpicked 18 Eraserheads songs that sang of our bittersweet youth. Go ahead, put your headphones on or blast out the speakers because hey, life’s a journey anyway.

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