It’s a Feast with TeamManila

We Pinoys just can’t deny our love for food – may it be sweet, spicy, savory or fried, we’ve just got to try every chow experience there is. And we won’t mind if we have it at home, at the streets, or at some fancy restaurant as long as we enjoy every sumptuous bite.

Either it’s Nanay’s special sinigang or Tatay’s canned good espesyal, it’s always good to remember that delightful eating experience that has become a mainstay to us. That’s why TeamManila looked back at our Pinoy food favourites which taste and look have made a mark on our lifestyle. It’s one tempting collection that will leave us hungry for more!

TEAM MANILA_Nov 2014 shirt_1 TEAM MANILA_Nov 2014 shirt_2 TEAM MANILA_Nov 2014 shirt_3 TEAM MANILA_Nov 2014 shirt_7 TEAM MANILA_Nov 2014 shirt_8 TEAM MANILA_Nov 2014 shirt_9 TEAM MANILA_Dec 2014 shirt_2 TEAM MANILA_Dec 2014 shirt_10 TEAM MANILA_Dec 2014 shirt_13 TEAM MANILA_Dec 2014 shirt_17 TEAM MANILA_Dec 2014 shirt_18 TEAM MANILA_Dec 2014 shirt_19

From crackers, sardines, tomato sauce and our uncanny eating habits, this new line of shirts will remind you why it’s fun to eat especially when you’re Pinoy. Aside from these, we’ve also designed our classic Rizal into a batch of colourful prints that you can wear anywhere and anytime.

So come on and have a feast with us! Visit the TeamManila Lifestyle Store nearest you for this collection you wouldn’t want to miss.

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