Polka Pampaswerte

According to Philippine tradition, round shapes give luck to us when worn, displayed or even eaten. It’s a belief no one has proven true but is practiced every year by families all over the country.

The prosperity and consistency that round objects bring are said to revolve around us throughout our lives that’s why it’s important to have something circular whenever we welcome the year. It may sound silly but it’s a tradition we Filipinos widely accept and believe.

And so TeamManila would like to share the good luck and good vibes with you this 2015. Polka dots ba? Pampaswerte nga! From small circles to proportionally large ones, let our polka products keep you out of misfortune and in style this year.

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Whether for boys or for girls, check-out these dotted items we’ve exclusively designed for your swerte this year.

So come on and check them out at all TeamManila Lifestyle Stores or visit http://teammanilalifestyle.com/blog/1306/store/ for more!

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