Monday Mixtapes: Valentine’s Harana


Forgotten or maybe even too baduy to think about, haranas will always win every girl’s heart. Sure, they’re meant for the hopeless romantics, for those who would like to be swept off their feet.  But no matter how tacky haranas might be, they’ll always be sweet and special.

A guitar, a beautiful song, and lots of guts are all you need to be that next sensation in your beloved’s heart. Quite tough, right? But believe me, haranas are always worth it.

And that’s why before Valentine’s Day, we’ve prepared a playlist of classic Filipino love songs for you to sing to your sweetheart. From Rey Valera to the APO Hiking Society, let us take you back to the deepest Tagalog lyrics that are pinching and charming at the same time. Don’t be shy, be the crooner in the bathroom you’ve always been.

P.S.  Single? Then don’t be sad, you can always daydream about love with our mixtape. Happy Valentine’s!


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