Ride High with Daily Grind

We settle in the new year with a collection that’s meant for the adventurous soul – for the one who’s free, fast, and ready to face the season in passion and style. In sets of monochromatic hues, Daily Grind presents to you its first release for 2015.

Fitted to suit the rough outdoors, Daily Grind’s latest line focuses on the beasts of the streets. It’s urban, wild, and pleasing to every sneering eye.


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Cheetah prints and statements shirt like Committed to Conquer, Stand Strong, and Evolve Daily take highlight in monochromatic hues. Aside from these, we also got the coolest designs for the riders out there – whether you choose to skate or pedal, this latest collection has got what you need for a day away.

It’s a long ride so you better be prepared for the grind. Grab your choice of tee now available at all TeamManila Lifestyle Stores.

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