Monday Mixtapes: New Set of Sounds


Some songs stick, while some just come and go. Its lyrics, melody, or even its beat can give a huge effect to its listener thus making it count and remembered – it could be relatable and beautiful or it can be just another wonder, lost in the archives of music.

This situation makes a lot of sense to new songs – does the track gets listened to or does it become forgotten quite easily? It’s a risky opportunity, a huge hit or miss.

That’s why in this version of TeamManila’s Monday Mixtapes, we compiled new songs from several emerging local artists. Released just a few months ago, let these tracks be your new favorite song. They’re engaging and they’re for anyone who has a good ear. Enjoy!


Pssst! – Bullet Dumas

S.I.F.I.L. – Ciudad

Google Glass – Bubble Based Boy

Pictures – Kate Torralba

General Scheme of Things – BP Valenzuela

Germ (feat. Slow Hello) – Modulogeek

Eve – Maude

Slow Hello – You Know It’s You

Sundowning – Sundownmuse

Image – The Ransom Collective

Timothy, My Own Timothy – Dragonfly Collector



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