Smell Well with TeamManila Scents

Smell the best anywhere and anytime with TeamManila’s newest line of scents. Meant for both boys and girls, it’s the perfect way to freshen up this season.

Available in three flavors: Presko, Ulan, and Matamis, TeamManila Scents is a line of cologne that refreshes and enlivens you with an aroma that’s not too sweet and not too strong. If you’re aiming for that out-of-the-shower-scent, then Presko is the one for you. If you’re feeling a little earthy, then opt for Ulan. And for something fruity, spray on some Matamis for an instant sweet fix.

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Amoy pogi. Amoy maganda. Amoy presko all day, every day. Grab your choice of TeamManila Scents now available at TeamManila Lifestyle Stores for only P495. See you!

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