10 Local Travel Instagram Accounts You Should Follow Today

Skip the “obligatory selfie” because we’re in for an online adventure. Whether you’re at home or work, make your Instagram feed more interesting with these 10 local travel accounts we think you should follow. From the mountains to the beach, give yourself a visual treat while picking up tips and trivia on the way. Click on that follow button and fulfil your #wanderlust for the Philippines today.

1. ayenonlife

Ayen dela Torre does not only capture the beauty of the Philippines but also the people she comes across with. Her portraits remind us why our country has the sweetest smiles. We asked Ayen:

What’s your most memorable Philippine trip?
“I’ll never forget my trip to Batanes. Every view felt like it could be on a postcard. Aside from its breathtaking sights, I felt the warmth of its people, opening their doors for us and offering us smiles wherever we go. People often say that when you’re in Batanes, it’s as if you were in another country. I believe that Batanes represents the Philippines and its raw beauty.”

2. elaineabonal

Elaine Abonal shows us how surfing in the Philippines should be done. If you’re in for the waves and powder-like shores, then you should give this surfer girl a follow. We asked Elaine:

What’s the best Philippine beach to surf in?
“Siargao Island, where I am currently based, because it’s a paradise island; the locals are the friendliest people you’ll ever meet, the water is crystal clear and warm, there are plenty of waves for all levels, and you can surf (and live!) in a bikini.” 

3. kimijuan

Kimi Juan gives us a refreshing view of the Philippines’ most scenic destinations with her clean and well-composed Instagram profile. From the city to the mountains, we asked Kimi:

What’s your favorite Filipino food?
“My favorite Filipino food would be Sinigang na Hipon because of its sour flavour palette and seafood touch!”

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4. iamenzocruz

Professional lens man Enzo Cruz captures the country’s highest and lowest areas in his own beautiful point of view. His hashtag #EnzoTheAdventureBegins is also something to look out for. We asked Enzo:

What makes the Philippine sunset so special?
“Sunsets are always a golden moment. I just don’t mean it figuratively but also literally. We become light and everything we touch is gold. I mean, have you seen it 2,956 meters above sea? I have, it’s unbelievable. It’s a reminder that tomorrow the sun will rise again and when it does, it will rise for you. It’s also a lesson that sometimes goodbyes can be beautiful. Sunsets are better because we have sunrises to look forward to.”

5. hoooooha

Jan Mayo sees the Philippines through an airplane cabin. This 23-year old pilot is lucky enough to travel a thousand miles above sea level. We asked Jan:

Where in the Philippines would you randomly land a plane?
I don’t have any particular place in mind but given a plane and a big group of beautiful islands, I would definitely go island hopping. There’s just so much to see!

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6. ginwithlime

Elgin Padura takes local travelling to a new kind of level – from the farthest seas to the roads less taken, his photographs make us want to pack our bags and leave asap! We asked Elgin:

Where in the Philippines are you going next?
“Siargao! I have visited Mindanao once and I’ve always wanted to go back. Many people say that Mindanao is unsafe for travellers but Davao proved to be one of the safest cities in the world. For a non-surfer like me, the beautiful island of Siargao has a lot to offer like island hopping, seafood, plus its friendly locals!”

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7. javycang

He travels with a second-hand camera but Javi Cang’s adventures are no less amazing. His mountain-high expeditions make us want to trek the Philippines any given time. We asked Javi:

What’s the best Philippine mountain you’ve hiked so far?
“It’s a really close toss between Mount Kanlaon in Negros and Mount Apo in Mindanao. Kanlaon’s crater is beyond majestic and the forests are mystical while Apo’s boulders make you feel like you’re on another planet! If I really had to choose though, I’d pick Kanlaon because I’d climb it any day of the week.”

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8. wtn_wheretonext

Stop asking “are we there yet?” and start thinking “where to next?” Let wheretonext lead you to the best Philippine destinations through their eye-catching posts. We asked wheretonext:

What’s your favorite Philippine destination?
“Our favorite destination [to feature] is the Calayan Islands. It’s an island covered by rugged cliffs and unspoiled beaches. Going to the island will test the limits of your motion sickness but its beauty will leave you in awe of Mother Nature.”

9. tks.co

Tks.co invites every weekday work warrior to a well-deserved weekend get-away. They sure aren’t named “takas” for nothing. We asked tks.co:

What’s your favorite mode of transportation?
“Walking because a.) You get to avoid traffic b.) It’s cardio and c.) You get to explore new places and probably take photos for your Instagram while you’re at it.”

10. thelakwatsero

The Lakwatsero is the perfect epitome of a curious Filipino traveller. From north to south, this IG profile shows us where to hike, swim, and have the most relaxing stays. We asked thelakwatsero:

What do you like most about travelling in the Philippines?
“The diversity, the colors and richness of our 7,107 islands complemented with unpretentious smiles from friendly locals are the reasons why I love travelling in the Philippines. The vivid depths of our waters, the glorifying colors of our peaks and everything in between are full of wonders and surprises that make travelling in this country truly addicting.”

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