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TeamManila Tips: How to Travel Cheap in the Philippines

TM Tips · July 6, 2015

There are 7,107 islands in the Philippines. How many have you been to? We know the number’s a lot but there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing the beauty of your country while learning and experiencing on the way. Don’t hesitate to take that well-deserved out of…

TeamManila Shop Guide: All Cool for School

Gift Guide, Lifestyle, TM Tips · July 3, 2015

Forget white polos and patterned skirts because you’re off to school with a new kind of cool. Start the academic year with a style that’s comfortable and unique at the same time. Ace that math subject and still look cool with the help of this season’s…

TeamManila Tips: Lomography Tricks

TM Tips · May 25, 2015

No smartphone or filter can compare to the authenticity film photography has. The excitement and fun that a film camera can give will always be wanted by many – like Lomography and its fantastic plastic experience that continues to draw many photography enthusiasts around the world….

TeamManila Tips: What to Do This Holy Week

TM Tips · April 3, 2015

Semana Santa is known to be one of the most significant occasions in Philippine culture. Devotion to Christ is highlighted through several church activities as it also gives time for people to reflect and rest this season. Most Filipinos plan out of town trips while others…

TeamManila Tips: Why You Should Shop Online

TM Tips · March 20, 2015

We’re all about practicality and making lives easier one step at the time. Sure we can’t make the EDSA traffic go away but we can give you better ways on making your day the most convenient. Shopping – it’s a therapy that can make us happy…