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Only the Freshest with Daily Grind

Lookbook · March 25, 2015

Dim the lights and get on a high with Daily Grind’s finest selection of shirts this season. Whether you’re up for a night ride or a steady tropical vibe then this collection has got you covered for that feisty look outside. Patterns and typography highlight our…

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Accessorize the TeamManila Way

Lifestyle, Lookbook · March 18, 2015

Make your look more interesting with accessories that doesn’t only speak of character but also gives an instant lift to your every day style. Whether it’s for the head or for your feet, TeamManila has got you covered for that local pride bling. Big, small, or…

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March with TeamManila this Month

Lookbook · March 11, 2015

Dive in a splash of color with this season’s collection. It’s bright, light and just enough to keep you looking right. Come on, check out TeamManila’s release this month of March. Designed in shades that are merry but still easy to match, we’ve got a line…


The Katipunan Collection

Limited Edition, Lookbook · March 9, 2015

Founded by Filipino patriots Andres Bonifacio, Teodoro Plata, and Ladislao Diwa, The KKK (Kataas-taasan, Kagalanggalangang Katipunan ng mga Anak ng Bayan) is the country’s most historic revolutionary society that gave way to an outbreak against the Spanish occupation in 1892. 123 years after, the Katipunan continues…

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Ride High with Daily Grind

Lookbook · February 18, 2015

We settle in the new year with a collection that’s meant for the adventurous soul – for the one who’s free, fast, and ready to face the season in passion and style. In sets of monochromatic hues, Daily Grind presents to you its first release for…

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Set Sail this February

Lookbook · February 4, 2015

From sunsets to oceans to streets and sticky suman, we take February slowly but with a bang. Featuring a range of designs that matches whatever mood you are in, TeamManila’s February Collection is something to be excited about. Come on, take a look. Sure it’s the…


Take a Walk with Our Pack

Limited Edition, Lookbook · January 30, 2015

Whether you’re headed to school or facing another day at work, you’ve got to make it the best by carrying function and style at the same time. Durable and big enough to fit your daily needs, TeamManila’s Carry Manila backpacks were made to make your every…


Rediscover with a Blast

Lookbook · January 21, 2015

Represent. Reinvent. Rediscover. It’s all about finding our roots again this 2015. From classic landmarks to old-time beliefs, TeamManila’s latest release will make you discover what’s good in designs that speak of our country. We go gold and full of royalty in a batch of black…

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It’s All About the Headgear

Collaboration, Lookbook · November 17, 2014

Keep your head high and out from the sky with this new collection of headgear TeamManila has in store for you. In designs that will suit whatever style you have in mind, wear our latest line of caps whether you’re out in the rain or under…

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It’s a Feast with TeamManila

Lookbook · November 7, 2014

We Pinoys just can’t deny our love for food – may it be sweet, spicy, savory or fried, we’ve just got to try every chow experience there is. And we won’t mind if we have it at home, at the streets, or at some fancy restaurant as long…